Gold Recovery Water Table

Rated 5.00 out of 5

The wife won’t get mad with this one, cause it doesn’t take up much space in the garage. It’s small enough to fit in your closet, or under your kitchen sink, and easy enough to take with you for that weekend camping on the creek. The perfect sized water table that takes the best of hydrodynamic theory and technology then packages it into the finest piece of gold cleanup equipment money can buy. This system takes the guess work out of processing all your gold, especially your fine gold.

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Welcome to Jimbo’s Gold

Your best source of gold bearing paydirt available anywhere.

If you are looking for a bag of hardware store sand with some gold in it, you have come to the wrong place :-).  Be prepared for some of the most difficult to pan and patience testing paydirt you have ever received.

This paydirt is made of 100% dredge concentrates.  It will contain a lot of black sand, both magnetic and nonmagnetic.

Did you just pick up some new cleanup equipment and want to test it out?  This is the paydirt for you.  It will take effort to get the gold out but in return for that effort, you will be pleasantly surprised with the shear quantity of gold you will find.