Gold Recovery Table Deluxe Upgrade Kit


It’s hard to make the best better, but i did what i could.  I went out and got all the stuff i use to run my clean up table and put it together in one nice neat package.

There is nothing really out of the ordinary in this list, or anything specifically designed for my recovery table here.  This deluxe kit is so that you can have EVERYTHING you need for your cleanup sessions without worry about misplaced containers, oversized or undersized levels, bucket sized classifiers for a half a cup of concentrates, getting yelled at for using your wife’s tupperware again, i think you get the point.

Let me explain what comes in this kit.

  1. A Stanley line level.  This is for ensuring your legs are level before you setup your table and to make sure your table is level after its setup.  It’s made of aluminum, so you can set it right down in the table, while it’s running to check the table whenever you like.  I check it every time i adjust the table between running different classifications.
  2. Three Pioneer Mining Supply classifiers.  These are the best classifiers on the market.  I’m sure you have seen these at the gold shows.  They are interlocking, ridiculously durable, and perfectly sized for classifying concentrates.  You get three mesh sizes, 30 mesh, 50 mesh, and 100 mesh.  You also get the locking top/bottom with it.  This allows you to fill the classifier with material, lock the lid on it, fill one of the colored pans with water and shake the heck out of it with no fear of losing any material.  It took a lot of doing to be able to offer you these classifiers and as such, i can only offer you them as part of this kit.  If you would like to just purchase the classifiers, i highly recommend you order them from A&B Prospecting in Mesa, AZ.  Here is a link to his classifiers,
  3. Three 10 inch gold pans.  A green one, a blue one, and a black one.  These are not the kind of pans you will want to use to pan with, trust me.  I use these to classify into.  The different colors are to help you keep your -30, -50, and -100 classified materials separate.
  4. Four large adjustment handles.  These are very large adjustment handles for the table legs to make finer adjustments easier.  They are more ergonomic and as such will fit your hand much better.
  5. A snuffer bottle.  A dedicated snuffer bottle just for your recovery table.
  6. Two 1 ounce vials.  Keep your larger cleanups separate from your smaller ones or just add them to the collection 🙂
  7. Two 1/2 ounce vials.  Keep your smaller cleanups separate from those pesky heavy larger ones above.
  8. One Ultimate Gold Vial.  This is the indestructible vial/nugget container that i use anytime a vial leaves my desk.  It’s so strong it can not only survive being ran over by a truck but it can survive being shipped by the US Postal Service!

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10.9 × 8.4 × 5.4 in


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