Handsfree Multi-Power Lighted Loupe

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Finally you can use both hands and not have to worry about what to do with the flashlight so you can actually see your rocks and gemstones the way a loupe was meant for you to see them.  Strap this thing to your head, turn on the light, flip down the loupe and start searching through rock collection.  No more fumbling, no more cursing at the need for a third or fourth hand/arm, and best of all, no more need to learn to be an amateur contortionist.

With this handsfree loupe, you can use either the earpieces like a pair of glasses or swap on the head strap if you need the extra security of it staying where you want it.  The led light comes with a battery ready to brighten even the darkest rocks and is also on on a swivel to give you complete control over every aspect of this loupe.

You get the main frame with both a head strap and earpieces that are easily swappable yet not easily breakable.  The loupe itself swings up out of the way so you can do what you need to do in between uses without even having to remove it from your head.  The switch for the light is a nice large knob on the side that you rotate a quarter turn for off or on.  No fiddling with a tiny switch that you need a second loupe just to find.

The best part is that you are not limited to a single power lense.  You get a total of 4 different lenses.  They are 17x, 14x, 8x, and 6x power lenses and are also easily swappable but very firmly held in place.

This has been my favorite loupe since i found it and now i dont even use my traditional ones.  I keep one of these on my desk and one in my field bag.  Being out in the desert the lenses on mine get very dusty but they are simple to clean in about 10 seconds (i use my shirt though im sure you’re supposed to use some kind of microfiber cloth).

I took as detailed of pictures as i could but if you want to see pictures of any other parts of this just let me know i will be happy to take them.

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1 review for Handsfree Multi-Power Lighted Loupe

  1. 5 out of 5


    Best thing to get if you have bad eyes. Also the best way to see little rocks and gold flakes.

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