Where does my gold and paydirt come from?

Where does my gold and paydirt come from?

I get asked that question quite a bit so i thought i would put up this page to give an overview of where my dredge concentrates and paydirt come from.  When i list my paydirt or dredge concentrates, there is stark difference between the two.  Let me explain how i differentiate them.

Paydirt – My paydirt comes from the desert here in Arizona near and/or in the Bradshaw Mountains.  It is usually acquired with a shop vac from shallow washes with exposed bedrock where there is enough gold to justify it.  Sometimes instead of a shop vac, it is simply shoveled and classified.  As you can see, since it did not go through a dredge, i can not call it dredge concentrates.  Those of you that have already purchased some of my paydirt can attest to the fact that there are larger gravels in this then my dredge concentrates.  The reason for this is that i classify all the dirt to 1/4 inch.  The gold where i go here in Arizona tends to be larger and less travelled so it has more character.

Dredge concentrates – My dredge concentrates all come right out of the sluice box of my dredge.  Some of the cons are from Idaho and some are from Arizona.  The difference between the dirt from those locations is very distinct and if you purchase one of each you will see it as soon as you open the package.  The Idaho concentrates are from both the Payette River and the Salmon River.  The amount of garnet in the material is quite impressive and as you work it down you will start to see large swaths of red in your pan from all this garnet.  There is some garnet in the material from Arizona but nowhere near the same amounts.  On top of that, The amount of iron and other metals in the Arizona material make the material much darker then the Idaho material.  After dredging, i classify the material to 1/8 inch and pan the larger stuff to check for nuggets.  The gold i recover in Idaho is primarily fine gold and i have never found a nugget there where as what i dredge in Arizona, the gold tends to be larger.

Gold – My gold comes from one of two places, i mine it or i buy it.  The gold i mine, comes from the places described above but i want to talk about the gold i buy.  When i buy gold, it’s from miners that are mining in the same areas i mine.   They are friends i’ve either mined along side of or worked the same areas.  This allows me to know the source of the gold with absolute certainty.

I hope this answers some of your questions but if you want any further details, feel free to contact me through this site at the ‘Contact’ link above or by email.


Here are some videos of me or my dredge getting the very paydirt you are buying: